About Us

Who we are

Our goal is to became one of the leader in the industry in Asia , we intend to accomplish this goal by offering a set of products and services that meet our client needs better than any competitor by utilizing state of the art technology , building a superior work force through careful hiring and continuous training and development closely meeting the need of each customer and by differentiating our products by offering superior service. We will also create a high level of visibility and awareness for our products and services by a consistent and careful targeted marketing strategy.

We have an extremely low cost structure. And just as importantly, we are determined to keep our cost low. This allows us to charge low price, while maintaining our high quality, and still have good profit margin.

Our Skills

Onsite Machining 97%

EPOCAST 36 95%

Laser Alignment 96%

Mechanical 95%

In House Machining 97%

Our Vission

Being cost effective has been and always is an important issue to all businesses. Developments in technology are constantly leading to new techniques, design, energy and power. We strive to constantly prepare our staffs to be in line with developments technology and are prepared to meet the ever changing challenge awaiting us.

Our Mission

We understand that to our customer time is essence, quality of work done and services are also both equally important to their daily business operations.

It is the aim of New Millennium to constantly develop and introduce the latest technology available for our customers, as to maintain quality of works, and lowering the down time of their operations, and cost to minimum. We constantly serve our customers diversifying needs.

Our Clients